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Large Air Plants - Sparkler Air Plants - Nice 5 to 7 inch air Plant - Color & Form Varies by Season - 30 Day Guarantee air Plant Care ebook with Order

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  • LARGE PLANT / MULTIPLE USES: Use in Containers, Globes, Terrariums, Displays, Vertical Gardens, Party Favors, As A Succulent Alternative, In Weddings & For Events. Coloration and Form Varies Due to Season
  • EASY-TO-CARE-FOR: Air Plants (Genus: Tillandsia) are hardy bromeliad plants from Central and South America that don't require soil to grow. Simply soak them in water for 20 minutes once a week and let them dry out. They require indirect, but bright light. A care instruction card from Air Plant Shop will be included in every order.
  • HAND PACKAGED & PICKED / BULK QUANTITIES / FAST SHIPPING: Our shippers are trained to only send the healthiest plants. We pack every box with tenderness and care. All our plants come with a 30 Day Guarantee. Let us know if you are not completely happy with your order and we will send you new plants. We have thousands of plants available. Select anywhere from 5 to 5,000 plants we will ship them out the same business day if the order is made by 3 PM Eastern Time.
  • ABOUT BLOOMING / COLOR: Plants will not always arrive in bloom with red and purple color. However, most will bloom 2-3 times a year. See photos for what the non-blooming green plants look like.
  • FREE PDF EBOOK: Worried about caring for your new air plants? Have you fear. Check your Inbox after ordering and we will send you a Free PDF EBook "Air Plants" Care & Design" by Jody James that will cover topics such as air plant care, displays and the origins of these special little plants.

Details: 1 Large Streptophylla Hybrid / 'Eric Knoblock' Brachycaulos X Streptophylla Healthy and Strong Plants with Many Uses 30 Day Guarantee Orders Leave Our Warehouse the Same Day If Ordered Before 3 PM Eastern Time Get Your Order In Only 1-3 Business Days Easy Card Instructions Included with Every Order Streptophylla Hybrid, a Brachycalous and Streptophylla variation, are thick and bushy with smooth, arching leaves. They curve elegantly as they grow larger and are very hardy and easy to care for. This variety is named after Eric Knoblock, the tillandsia enthusiast who hybridized this species in the 1960s. Your plant will likely be received primarily in a green state, however, when in bloom. they blush with orange and pink leaves before sending a showy, purple bloom. The main image may be a blooming plant, however most plants will be send green so you can enjoy the entire blooming process. Width: 3-4 Inches Height: 5-7 Inches Don't Forget: Every order comes with a 21 page Ebook written by Jody James "Air Plants: Care & Design Made Easy". A $4.99 value for free!