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1 Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant | Live Tropical Houseplant Decor for Terrarium Holder / Wedding Favors | Large Exotic Airplant by Plants for Pets

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Brand: Plants for Pets

Color: Large Exotic Air Plant


  • UNIQUE AIR PLANT AT THE LARGEST SIZE AVAILABLE: Our giant Xerographica air plants are big, mature plants that have been growing for several years and are rarely seen for sale. This species is a lovely light green color with hints of silver and white, and features red and pink blooms during its periodic flowering phases.
  • EXTRA EASY CARE HOUSE PLANTS: Tillandsia air plants are extremely low maintenance indoor plants that don’t need soil, pots, fertilizers, or plant food. They require only a moderate amount of light and only need watering about once a week.
  • DIY HOME DECOR: Airplants are perfect for terrariums, decorative cages, and hanging glass containers with holes or gaps that allow for plenty of air flow. They’re also popular to use in multi-species centerpiece arrangements with succulents, cactus, and other ornamental plants. GREAT GIFT IDEA: Air plants make excellent gifts for women, girls, teachers, and mom or dad. Their extra versatility makes them prime home, office, and classroom desk or table set decorations and accessories, and they mak
  • HEALTHY LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE: Your air plant will arrive alive and healthy. Each order comes with a 100 percent live arrival guarantee. Real air plants are air purifying and put fake, faux, and artificial plants to shame.

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Publisher: Plants for Pets

Details: Add natural beauty to your home or office with an impressive Xerographica air plant! These plants don't need soil to grow, so they can flourish in many different environments. Additionally, they require only a moderate amount of light and only need watering about once a week, making them the lowest-maintenance plants available! They make excellent gifts for house-warming or other occasions. They are also work wonderfully as desktop decorations for your office or home desk, and they also can be suspended from a ceiling or wall with a hanger. Each air plant kit from us includes a detailed care guide, as well as a convenient quickstart guide. The Xerographica air plant has an odd yet strangely beautiful appearance. It features sturdy yet elegant leaves that extend and curl around itself. The leaves are wider at the base and narrow down as they spiral underneath. It’s a particularly hardy air plant that thrives under the sun in the spring and summer. We are thrilled to offer this highly unique and sought-after air plant at a truly impressive size of 4 to 6 inches in diameter, and about 3 inches tall. This plant’s maturity and larger size means that its care requirements are even less than smaller air plants. Large air plants can tolerate less watering and less lighting than their smaller counterparts. We recommend keeping this air plant in an area where it receives a moderate amount of light. Indirect sunlight and artificial home/office lighting are appropriate for this plant. Most air plants should not be kept in direct sunlight for more than 2 to 3 hours each day, but it’s generally safe to keep Xerographica air plants in direct sunlight all day long. The optimal way to water these air plants is to soak them upside down in water for 10 seconds once per week. If you find the leaves of your air plant is becoming soft or pale in color, this means the plant is too dry, and you should try misting or watering it more often.

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