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Dracaena Janet Craig - Live Plant in a 8 Inch Pot - Dracaena Deremensis 'Janet Craig' - Beautiful Low Light Indoor Houseplant

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  • Dracaena Janet Craig is an interior workhorse, popular for decades, used frequently as a floor plant in interior situations or mass planted in beds. Survives in low light levels, grows best in filtered light.
  • Dracaenas thrive on neglect, grow well in low light, and need very little water. These attractive plants have sword- shaped, leathery, dark green, shiny leaves that are about 3” wide and 2ft. in length.
  • NASA lists the dracaena janet craig as an excellent clean air plant that helps eliminate harmful toxins from the environment.
  • It is a strongly upright plant that tends to drop its lower leaves, exposing the stalk as it ages. This plant should be grown in bright indirect sunlight, but is known to tolerate lower light levels.
  • Dracaenas require even moisture, good soil drainage, and cannot tolerate standing water. It is not particular as to soil type or pH.

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