Hirts: House Plants

Miniature African Violet - 1 Plant/2" Pot - Great for Terrariums/Fairy Gardens

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Brand: Hirts: House Plants


  • Excellent for Terrariums or Fairy Gardens
  • Depending on the season the plants may be budded
  • Provide bright, indirect light, Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry
  • The variety and color sent will vary with the season
  • Shipped in 2" pots

Details: The most popular blooming plant in the world is the African Violet (SAINTAPAULIA). And for good reason, they bloom continuously, twelve months a year. Plus they are easy to grow, a filtered light window with warm temperatures is all you need. Keep evenly moist, not wet dry. The variety and color of the violet you will receive will vary with the season.

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