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In My Bathroom | Butt Buddy - Fresh Water Bidet Toilet Attachment (Easy to Install, Self-Cleaning, Non-Electric)

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Brand: In My Bathroom

Color: White


  • Stop wiping your butt with expensive toilet paper, start washing it with the Butt Buddy fresh water bidet toilet attachment and save money right away.
  • Requiring no electricity or plumbing, our bidet is very easy to install and even easier to use, coming with all the necessary parts and simple instructions to get started.
  • Featuring a water-pressure control and self-cleaning spray nozzle, the Butt Buddy bidet is the perfect addition to a cleaner bathroom and a more sanitary lifestyle.
  • With a sleek, modern look, stainless steel attachments and high-pressure valves, the Butt Buddy bidet is designed to fit every toilet and built to last for a lifetime.
  • The Butt Buddy comes with a manufacturer warranty, satisfaction guaranteed, dedicated customer support and many other great benefits. Try it risk-free!

Details: Meet the Butt Buddy, our fresh water bidet toilet attachment that will transform your health, hygiene and life in minutes. Enjoy a fresh, just showered feeling every time you use the bidet and a clean butt throughout the day. With the Butt Buddy, you'll experience a more sanitary bathroom and big savings on toilet paper right out of the box.

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Package Dimensions: 17.8 x 7.1 x 3.5 inches