AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE ZZ Zanzibar Gem Live Plant, 6" Pot, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier

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Color: Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier!


  • This virtually indestructible houseplant can take months and months of neglect and low light and still look amazing.
  • ZZ plant stems grow in a graceful, wand-like shape that starts thick and bulbous at the base and then tapers to a point. The entire plant has a waxy, shiny coating that makes it appear to resemble those made of plastic, it is not uncommon for people to insist that it must be an artificial plant.
  • Zz plants do best in bright to moderate, indirect light but will do fine in extremely low levels of light. This plant makes an ideal plant for a window-less office or bathroom where it will only receive Small amounts of fluorescent light.
  • ZZ Plant Care starts with a lack of care. In fact, zz plants will do better If you leave them alone. Much like cacti, they need less rather than more water. Water the plant only when the soil has dried out. It can survive months without water, but will grow faster if watered somewhat regularly.

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Publisher: AMPLEX

Details: ZZ Plant, with its wide, attractive, dark green leaves, boasts many favorable traits for offices & homes. ZZ Plant tolerates neglect, is drought tolerant, & accepts low-light conditions without throwing a fit. Its waxy, smooth leaves reflect sunlight & Brighten rooms. Zz usually grows slowly to a height & width of 2 to 3' So it is not a plant Monster that outgrows containers quickly.

Package Dimensions: 18.0 x 6.0 x 6.0 inches