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The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert: Your Guide to Growing Healthy Ficus Lyrata Plants

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Author: Akin MBA, Claire

Edition: 1

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 108

Publisher: Indigo Marketing Agency, LLC

Release Date: 27-08-2018

Details: A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to growing healthy, happy fiddle leaf fig houseplants.

Fiddle leaf fig plants can be a beautiful addition to your home, but it’s no secret they require ongoing care to thrive. This book will provide you with all the tools you need to care for your green friend.

Covering important topics from the secret to proper watering and how to fertilize your plant to proper drainage and pruning techniques, The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert was written for experienced growers and first-time plant parents alike. This book includes actionable information to improve the health of your plant including:

1. The Benefits of Your Plant
2. The History of Fiddle Leaf Figs
3. Fiddle Leaf Fig Care 101
4. The Secret to Proper Watering
5. The Best Fertilizer to Use
6. Soil and Drainage
7. Pruning and Cleaning
8. Propagation

The guide was written for fiddle leaf fig lovers who want to understand what their plant needs to thrive and provide ideal growing conditions. It will help both novice and experienced growers to build a stronger relationship with their fiddle leaf fig.

About the Author
Claire Akin runs Indigo Marketing Agency, a full-service marketing firm. She is an author, speaker, and expert in content marketing and social media. Claire holds her MBA in Marketing from the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego as well as a BA in Economics from UC Davis and teaches marketing courses through UCLA Extension.

Also known for her green thumb, Claire specializes in growing a variety of houseplants including fiddle leaf fig plants. She is the creator of The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center ( and the author of The Fiddle Leaf Fig Expert book.

Claire resides in San Diego with her toxicologist husband (Josh), their dog (Wally), and their two American Paint Horses (Harley and Brandy). She has climbed Mt. Whitney three tim

Languages: English