Indoor Gardening : 40 Of The Easiest Indoor Plants You Can Grow (House Plants and Indoor Gardening Guide)

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Author: Adams, Mike C.

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 56

Release Date: 25-07-2014

Details: The Guide to 40 Indoor Plants gives you a great quick start guide to having and caring for all different sorts of plants. You do need a green thumb in order to raise house plants successfully. A green thumb can be learned by knowing when a plant needs water. You do not just put a plant out and water it once in a while. Different plants require different things in order to grow and thrive. With this guide you will learn how much water to give plants. You will learn which plants need direct light and which ones need indirect light. You will learn that if you put certain plants in direct light they give signals they are receiving too much or not enough. The color of the leaves is a great indicator. Do you know which plants need rich loose soil in order to thrive? Do you know which indoor plants need compost and which do not? Do you know which plants need constant moist soil? Do you know which plants need to allow the soil to dry completely between waterings? Doing all of these things makes a big difference in the quality of the plant. Some plants need less water during the winter months. Some plants need constant water year round. There are even plants that need to be watered until the soil is soggy. Some plants need high humidity while others may need a drier environment. This book will help to differentiate between the different things you can do to help the plants grow and thrive. It makes a big difference if you take proper care of the plants. You can gain a good green thumb by following these very simple tips. By the time you follow the tips your plants will thrive and be beautiful for years to come.

Languages: English