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Fat Plants San Diego Trailing Succulent Collection (2 Inch, String of Pearls)

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Brand: Fat Plants San Diego

Color: String of Pearls


  • Plants will arrive in individual gift packaging with cushioning. Every plant is fully rooted and planted in soil in a plastic growers pot. Our plants ship directly from our greenhouse to your home.
  • Plants may vary from the product photo based on time of year and availability.
  • Please refer to product description for more information about each trailing succulent.
  • Fat Plants is a California licensed grower and retail nursery.

Publisher: Fat Plants San Diego

Details: Your string of pearls plant will arrive fully rooted in a 2 inch standard growers pot. The plastic pot may be green, black or terra cotta in color. String of pearls succulent or senecio rowleyanus is one of the most popular hanging basket succulents. Sometimes referred to as a string of beads or rosary of beads this trailing succulent can have stems that hang several feet below the pot. Roots form easily along the stems and propagating this succulent can be easily done with cuttings. Simply lay a string on top of well draining cactus and succulent soil in a well draining pot. Plant can also be split and made into several plants however we do not suggest doing so as the delicate roots tear easily. This wonderful green succulent is native to southwest Africa and gives cute little white flowers in springtime. This live plant does not handle cold temperatures well and should be brought indoors in colder months. This plant does best is filtered light or indoors near a window. Avoid extreme temperatures and full sun.