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LiveTrends Design/Urban Jungle Pothos Marble Queen in 4-inch Grower Pot, (Live Plant)

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Brand: LiveTrends Design

Color: (Live Plant)


  • The Pothos is part of the Epipremnum genus known for tree climbing in its natural habitat. Featuring rich green vines, the Pothos is aesthetically versatile as it looks beautiful both hanging and climbing allowing it to transform an indoor space into a sprawling jungle sanctuary. Marble Queen Pothos is visually striking with beautiful variegated leaves that are light in color.
  • Live Plant: 4" Pothos Marble Queen in Plastic Growpot
  • Water: Water the soil until damp. Allow excess water to drain and allow the soil to slightly dry between waterings.
  • Light: Bright indirect sunlight.
  • Fertilizer: Apply a balanced houseplant fertilizer at half strength once every other month during warm growing months.
  • Sunlight Exposure: Partial Sun

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Details: Together, our team of horticulturalists, plant parents, and designers carefully select beautiful and personable house plants that inspire mindful living by bringing you moments of peace and a breath of fresh air.

Package Dimensions: 18.0 x 4.0 x 4.0 inches