Scented Candles Lavender Fragrance Set, 6 Pack Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles, Essential Oils Gift Candles for Women Girl Bath Works Candles Birthday and Stress Relief Home Decor

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  • NATURAL FRAGRANCE:6 Pack Scented candles gift set, which includes 6 Fragrances, including Lavender, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mediterranean fig, Mint, Lemon & Orange, the 6 fragrance smell can help you feel better no matter you stay at home or office, especially the scented candles improve the environment as well.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENT:Small candles made with 93% natural soy wax and 7% high-grade fragrance essential oils, Made with lead-free cotton core, high-quality, Aromatherapy Candles can bring you environmentally friendly and aromatic happy life.
  • LONG BURNING - waxy content 2.5 oz per each, 20 - 25 hours burning time. A total of 120 - 150 hours of combustion. 6 different kinds of scented candles, suitable for any scene and seasons, Trim the wick timely to help burn evenly and increase the burning time.
  • CANDLE AROMATHERAPY: A small scented candle made of 100% pure soy wax not only refreshes the air but also calms nerves and reduces anxiety, the rich and long-lasting aroma makes you feel more comfortable.
  • PERFECT GIFT SET - Aromatherapy candle comes with rich fragrances(10%) and beautiful package. They are appropriate for any holiday or special events, such as birthday, holiday, anniversary, Mother's Day gift or Christmas Party, Wedding, Valentine's Day.

Details: Specifications: Burning Time: The candles set can provide 120-150 hours aromatherapy for you. Material: 93%Pure essential oils + 7%natural soy wax Wicks: Natural fiber wicks Container: Small glass jar Weight: 2.5Oz Quantity: 6 Pack Burning Time: 120 - 150 Hours Scents: 6 different flavors Features: Pure Soy Wax Natural soy wax does not produce black smoke, burning more fully, healthier and longer-lasting. Fragrance essential oils The rich lavender aroma brings you a more pleasant time. Aromatherapy Candles for Rest Lavender Aromatherapy can calm nerves, relieve anxiety, help sleep well, and fresh air. Candles for Homelife When you stay at home, the sweet and fresh aroma can reduce your irritability and eliminate fatigue. Surprising Function The aromatherapy candles can be used as a removable decoration even after it is used up, you can place it wherever you need it. 6 Fragrances: Twilight Lavender: Lighting a Lavender Candle while sleeping will help your sleep. Lemon & Mandarin: Sweet and sour fruit flavor can remove moisture and odor, make the air fresher. Strawberries & Cream: The light aroma help you ease stress and makes you feel good and happy. Crypto Menthe: Menthe can help you enhance memory and make you clear-headed. Mediterranean Fig: This aroma can calm nerves, eliminate fatigue, promote sleep. Vanilla & Honey: the fragrance makes the air cleaner which creates a healthy environment for you. Notes: 1. Keep out of the reach of children and pets when used the candles. 2. Every candle is covered with a layer of oil-paper, please remember to remove it.

Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches