HOMENOTE Plant Pots Indoor 6/4.8 inch Pack 2, Ceramic Planter Flower Pots with Natural Wood Texture

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Color: Yellow Wood Texture


  • 【Unique Wood Texture Appearance】We have successfully designed the texture of the wood annual ring on the ceramic, so that the whole flower pot looks very close to nature, but does not lose the unique characteristics of the ceramic flower pot(Plants are not included)
  • 【Different Sizes and Shape】 Each set comes two different plant pots but Maintain a consistent style that makes them look very harmonious when placed together. Round shaped planter, perfect for taller plants and the smaller,hexagon one for your smaller legumes.
  • 【Dimension】Round--W: 6.1’’ , the interior W: 5.4'', H: 6’’; hexagon--W: 4.8’’, the interior W: 4.25'', H: 5.1’’ .Plants are not included.
  • 【Drain Hole】Each flower pot comes with a drainage hole in the bottom to perfect protection for your plants from root rot
  • 【Perfect decoration】Add a dash of warmth and cheer to your home decor with this set of 2 ceramic plant pots with natural wood texture. Each of these pots is a little work of art

Publisher: HOMENOTE


Welcome to HOMENOTE plant pots
Now is the perfect time to give your home and garden a stylish update. A set of chic plant pots will instantly enhance your house or outdoor space, giving your blooms a stately pride of place and creating a contemporary urban feel.

Different Shapes - Retro and Innovative Combination
The two flowerpots are designed in two different shapes. The large flowerpot is the most classic round one, which maintains a harmonious appearance and practicality, while the small flowerpot is a special polygon design, which brings a modern sense to the whole set.

Perfect color matching:
These flower pots with Natural Wood Texture, Make your home closer to nature, and add elegance to your home

Built in Drainage
Each pot comes with a predrilled drainage hole. You will never worry about the decay of your plant roots

Quality Materials
Crafted from premium ceramic, these pots are durable and sturdy, designed for you to enjoy for a long time.

Round Pot--W: 6.1'' , the interior W: 5.4'', H: 6''
Hexagon Pot--W: 4.8'', the interior W: 4.25'', H: 5.1''
Package Content:
6 inch plant pot x 1
4.8 inch plant pot x 1

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.0 inches