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Gold Child English Ivy - Hardy Groundcover/House Plant - Sun or Shade - 4" Pot

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Brand: Hirt's Gardens


  • Hardy in zones 5-8. Deer resistant
  • Grows in sun or shade
  • Proper name: Hedera helix 'Gold Child'
  • Easy to grow
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Publisher: Hirt's

Details: English ivies are primarily sought as a trailing ground cover lawn alternative that quickly creeps to cover areas (especially beneath large trees, to cover bald spots where grass won’t grow) with a maintenance-free carpet of beautiful foliage. They are also popular as a climbing vine (the roots attach to most surfaces: buildings, fences, trellises, walls, ...) and for topiaries. Often used to brighten shady areas, English ivies are sometimes grown as a climbing ornamental plant to cover buildings and reduce cooling costs. They are tolerant of drought and perform best when the soil dries out between waterings. Ideal for slopes, northern exposures and erosion control. Infrequent foot traffic is tolerated, and they are tolerant of salt. Hedera helix 'Gold Child' English Ivy. Hedera helix, or English Ivy, ‘Gold Child’ has variegated leaves with a lobed, ivy shape and heart-shaped base. The leaf color is gray-green with irregular, wide, gold-green margins. The variegation turns creamy white in hot weather. As plants grow, they develop bushier, more mature growth and develop sharper, triangular leaves with no lobes. English ivy is grown primarily for its lush foliage, which forms a cool, green cover on walls or ground. Wonderful in containers or baskets, or draping over walls, 'Gold Child' is a unique ivy that complements other plantings. English Ivy Growing and Maintenance Tips: Vigorous and easy to grow, Gold Child ivy can tolerate full sun to shade, though partial shade is recommended in hot climates, and prefers fertile soil with good drainage. Height: 2-4 Inches. Spread: 24-36 Inches. Hardiness Zone: 5 - 9.

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