GARDENIX DECOR 7'' Self Watering Planters for Indoor Plants - Flower Pot with Water Level Indicator for Plants, Grow Tracking Tool - Self Watering Planter Plant Pot - Coco Coir - Gray Round 3 Pack

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  • ★ DON’T SETTLE FOR SELF WATERING POTS MADE OF FLIMSY, LEAKY DOLLAR-STORE MATERIALS. Gardenix Decor’s Self Watering Pots are crafted out of high-quality polypropylene, which is VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE, so you never have to worry about it leaking on your house decor and floors or indoor garden. Available in white, gray, purple, or teal, our pot’s colors are injected directly into the material, for LONG-LASTING, VIBRANT COLORS that are more FADE-RESISTANT in direct sunlight. African violet pot
  • ★ OTHER SELF WATERING FLOWER POTS DON’T OFFER ANY OUTLETS FOR DRAINAGE, WHICH QUICKLY LEADS TO ROOT ROT. Our nested pot set features an inner plant holder with legs to LIFT YOUR HOUSE PLANTS UP AND OUT OF THE WATER, so they aren’t left sitting in a stagnant pool. With our flower pots or succulent pots, plants drink water up through the pot’s legs only when they need it – NO OVERWATERING! Make great gifts for women and men, gifts for mom,dad or grandma gifts.Great for African violet pot .
  • ★ IDEAL FOR BUSY PLANT PARENTS! With our planter pots self-watering feature, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATER PLANTS FOR OVER 2 WEEKS! Our smart pots for plants also include a WATER LEVEL INDICATOR to take the guesswork out of watering, SO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHEN TO ADD WATER. And – just for fun – we’ve also added a special dial on top of each measuring valve, so you can MEASURE THE GROWTH of your plant and track its progress! TURN THAT BLACK THUMB INTO A GREEN THUMB! Comes with CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS.
  • ★ HYDROPONIC DESIGN WITH ALL-NATURAL COCO SOIL AS POTTING SOIL. Made of 100% organic, coconut shell fibers, coco soil – also called coco coir or peat pellet– offers superior water retention and excellent drainage, meaning your house plant gets the IDEAL BALANCE OF OXYGEN AND WATER. Combine with regular soil for excellent pH regulation for your plants! Our plastic pots for plants each come with their own pellet of coco coir to help your PLANTS GROW FASTER AND HEALTHIER. No more root rot!
  • ★ AT GARDENIX DECOR, WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU KEEP YOUR PLANTS HAPPY AND THRIVING – EVEN WITH A BUSY SCHEDULE. We’re plant people who know the joy and beauty plants bring to a home. We’ve designed our planters to function efficiently and self-sufficiently, to TAKE CARE OF YOUR PLANT EVEN WHEN YOU CAN’T. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your self watering pots for indoor plants and outdoor plants, simply reach out to us directly so we can make it right. Plastic Pots For Plants

Details: Gardenix Decor Self Watering Pots

--- You don't have to water your plants for more than 2 weeks. Never miss watering your plants again.
- It's made of long-lasting high-quality polypropylene material, virtually unbreakable and colors are injected into the material directly so they last longer and take longer to fade under direct sunlight.
- 90% more water efficient than conventional pots, water does not evaporate, and the minerals are absorbed better because the soil is constantly moist avoiding cycles of overwatering and underwatering.
- Excellent for use outdoors or indoors.
- We include a Coco soil pellet that has 100% organic natural coco fibers. This lets air into your plant's roots preventing from rotting and allowing them to grow faster and stronger.
- With our unique hydroponic system and our perfectly mixed coco soil, your plants will have the water and medium to grow strong and healthy.

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Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 7.0 x 7.0 inches