Stay in the Miami Urban Jungle on Airbnb & Experience Downtown MIA in a skyrise condo

Have you ever wanted to stay in an urban jungle? Well here is your chance! Enjoy a fully capable smart home, with smart lighting, smart speakers & temperature. You will feel like you are glamping in the sky inside this Urban Plant Oasis.

The best part, everything in this condo is shopable online. Everything has been furnished through online shopping. Carefully researched and curated to ensure the best prices, most unique and homie pieces.

The Miami Jungle constantly evolves & the latest pictures are from August. But see what it looked like a year ago at the very bottom & chances are it's been evolved since & evolution means better in this case. 

Do what you Love Art in the Miami Jungle

Monstera Deliciosa in the Miami Jungle


The Miami Urban Jungle

Spend a night in the Miami Jungle


Plants in the Miami Jungle

Topo Chico in the Miami Jungle